What Can Design Accomplish in The 21st Century?

The organization of the tournament was strongly based on the 2006 World Cup. Numerous fan miles, public viewing screens and other public zones were created again. North Korea and UAE failed to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. Albania, who took part in qualifying for the first time and were undefeated in the eight matches played before the draw, had not previously played any of their group opponents. Portugal are the only European side to have played against Mozambique (1998), were first European opponents for Angola (1989) and Argentina (1928) and first FIFA-recognized European opponents against South Africa (1953). North Korea suffered its heaviest defeat against Portugal. On March 29, 2023 – less than two months before the opening game – FIFA finally revoked Indonesia's hosting rights. A small renaissance, because even in the post-war period, when there were only a few privately owned devices, people shared their excitement in front of public television sets when they weren't listening to the radio. For example, when readers agitated by the Bild newspaper call the Titanic editorial office for more than nine hours and say things like: 'You should be emigrated! In order to see the stupid faces of the CDU politicians in the black money affair that we arranged, I get in a car, drive to Lucerne, also on the suspicion that no one from the CDU will ever get there, and stay there for four hours in front of a bench – behind a newspaper with two peepholes.

Its CEO Mathias Döpfner invited me for coffee a few weeks ago and I could have written any amount on a piece of paper. Martin Sonneborn: In the case of Hannelore Kohl, the opening cartoon we showed was the farewell letter we forged, in which the writing ran out of the picture – after all, she had to write in the dark. Martin Sonneborn: I find it rather amusing that one makes one's satire, which often comes along as media criticism, publicized through the media by exploiting it. For example, my wife is Armenian and I have always been in favor of Turkey joining the EU. Martin Sonneborn: If I can make a good joke or experience a funny story, I accept great deprivation. When something comes from that direction, we understand it as learning to understand the enemy mindset in order to better dissect their "logic". From today's perspective, the squad of the world champion team was anything but heroic: lowly clerk, postman, chauffeur, worker, barber or owner of Toto Lotto acceptance points.

In addition, there is the attempt to bring something like a stadium atmosphere closer to the spectator from afar through a double-digit number of television cameras, and that from every imaginable perspective. It consisted of a President, three Section Presidents, 24 Councilors of State and the service staff and was appointed by the King on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers. Also because of the long-established large Italian communities in Alexandria, Cairo and Tunis or the sending of missionaries to unpopulated areas that were to be "prepared" for possible Italian colonization, the Italian government felt encouraged in their undertaking by the king. Reference to Matildas Attack on him his renewed support for his brother Stephen, who was crowned king again in December 1141. Or at least the return of football to its elitist roots: Does the Rowohlt publishing house with its EM department make the intellectual accompanying music to the actually reviled "proletarian sport"? I miss that, except for Harald Schmidt in his good times and a few English series that run at night, everywhere else. I would give anything to have you with me. All in all, a price that I don't find too high. But I think that satire can also arise from personal sensitivities.

Martin Sonneborn: Basically, it is hard work to produce high-quality satire. Martin Sonneborn: Because I am committed to left-wing, humanistic ideals. I am originally in favor of leading a contemplative existence. I can also be short-tempered, impolite and sly. But because that is not possible, I ask you for a color television so that you are always close to me. Apart from that, I can identify with this diagnosis as far as many other people can. One of your ideas, a cinema spot against right-wing extremism, was awarded a silver lion in Cannes. The connection between fan and star is therefore determined by an intimate distance, without which the modern sports star would not be what he appears to be: a person who stands out from others because of their special skills and talents. The widespread dissatisfaction with this development is followed by a distortion in the relationship between the spectator (who is today a supporter and consumer in one person) on the one hand and the players and clubs on the other. Mutual distrust and hostility are deeply rooted, and neither side can make even modest concessions. That's already eighty percent of the television gossip heads out of the running.

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