"Still 50 years behind men's football" – national coach Voss-Tecklenburg in an interview

The referee then saw no other option than to stop the game. But after just over half a year, Leaño was released from his duties in April 2023 due to negative results and replaced by Ricardo Cadena, who had previously looked after the Club Deportivo Tapatío farm team. De Arrascaeta made his World Cup debut on June 15, 2018 against Egypt. Less than six weeks later, Chivas also won their first championship title in their own stadium after more than ten years without success and thus won the double again in the 2017 Clausura for the second time after 1970. As Mexican champions, Chivas returned to the CONCACAF Champions League, which they won for the second time in club history in 2018. On November 4, 2015, Almeyda's team won the Mexican Cup for the third time in the club's history with a 1-0 final win at the Estadio León against the "home side" Club León. The total of four title wins, achieved in three different competitions between November 2015 and April 2018, all fall under the Almeyda era, who announced his exit from Chivas in June 2018. In December 2006, Chivas won his eleventh championship title. Without these key players, Chivas went down 3-0. Without this technique, it would be necessary to manually assign these simulation properties to each object.

However, according to former club president Jorge Vergara, this exception rule should only apply to players who would also be eligible to play for the Mexico national team. The latest examples of this divergent interpretation are the Guatemalan women's international Leslie Ramírez, signed by Chivas Femenil in 2023, and the main club's Peruvian international Santiago Ormeño, who nevertheless caused some controversy within the club's fan base. Dates is the statement by club historian Joel González in his book Leyendas del Guadalajara, according to which Frenchman Enrique Pellat was the club's last foreign player in the 1926/27 season. The tournament also served as the European qualifier for the men's soccer tournament at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. team and failed to qualify for the women's soccer tournament at the 2000 Olympic Games. At the same time, increasing imports of foreign agricultural products triggered a crisis in agriculture. All in all, the amateur league system is as follows (see table). There were no further successes under the management of Vucetich, who identified the sporting shortcomings, especially in the club's personnel policy. Under his leadership, the team reached the Clausura 2015 first in April 2015, the final of the Mexican Cup competition, which was lost to Puebla FC, and the following month, the semi-finals of the Mexican Football Championship, in which the team against eventual champions Santos Laguna failed.

national players and despite a 1-0 lead at the break and two other high-quality chances to score in the first half, the first of which hit the crossbar and the second was blocked by a Brazilian defender, it was only enough to make it 2-2 in the end, so that the high first leg defeat could not be made up for. The then club president Ignacio López Hernández, who coined the motto: "Este Club vencerá o morirá, hasta el final, a base del talento y el esfuerzo de 11 jugadores mexicanos" (Spanish for This club will be active until 11 Mexican players (win or die) based on talent and commitment. Chile finished 4th. However, this interpretation is not in accordance with the statutes, so there was nothing to prevent the signing of national players from other countries. His immediate successor was Marcelo Michel Leaño, who had already been in charge of the team as caretaker coach immediately before Vucetich signed for a meeting when they won 2-0 at FC Juárez on August 12, 2020.

Also in the Clausura 2017 the Chivasi reached the 19. Cup final played on April 2017, won 3-1 on penalties against Monarcas Morelia after a goalless encounter. Nevertheless, Chivas should have set a remarkable record that day; Because with the exception of Omar Bravo, who did not play in the Confederations Cup, all the other players had played in the game between the Mexican team and the German team the day before in Leipzig, the four Chivas players Sánchez, Salcido, black mexico soccer jersey Morales and Medina two games in two days on two continents. The spectators like to come to us because it's a different atmosphere. He publicly stated that he was at a disadvantage compared to the other clubs because he had to play with an all-Mexican team. San Diego Wave FC is a women's soccer franchise from San Diego, California, which has played in the National Women's Soccer League since 2023, the premier league in women's soccer in the United States.